Integro (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System)

Integro (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System)

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  • April 16, 2019

The NPWT system is a therapeutic technique that uses controlled negative pressure to heal wounds. The INTEGRO device is a handheld canister vacuum therapy device for single use, and is comparable with other devices such as Simplex III in terms of performance and safety. The INTEGRO device is equipped with the necessary safety alarms and performs NPWT treatment with 3 continuous pressure mode 50, 85 and 125 mmHg. The NPWT system, by creating a negative pressure at the wound surface, reduces intracellular fluid and results in decreased swelling at the wound surface, which in its tum increases blood flow and accelerates wound healing. The INTEGRO system, which includes INTEGRO device and INTEGRO dressing, separate by 3 different mechanisms harmful substances and infectious secretions from the surface of the wound. 1-A part of the wound secretion absorbs by absorbent layer of the dressing. 2- The dressing allows evaporation some part of the wound secretion. 3- The INTEGRO device passes about 50ml of the wound secretion into the canister. Thus, the INTEGRO system is designed to dramatically increase the dressing life.

Medical Uses:

INTEGRO negative pressure wound therapy system is suitable for use in both a hospital and home care setting. Wound types which is appropriate for treatment by INTEGRO includes:

  1. Acute
  2. Chronic wound with small or medium secretion
  3. Graft or flaps
  4. Pressure ulcers
  5. Diabetes ulcers
  6. Surgical clean closed incision
  7. Subacute dehisced wound
  8. Trauma
  9. Burn injury grade I and II


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