Simplex III (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System)

Simplex III (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System)

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  • April 16, 2019

Simplex III is a Negative-pressure wound therapy device that produces both constant negative pressure (Continuous Pressure Therapy) and variable negative pressure (Variable Pressure Therapy). Features and benefits: In certain cases of wounds, VPT can cause more granulation tissue. Notice: Cases in which VPT must not be used ought to be studied carefully and implemented. Inappropriate use of this type of pressure may have an adverse effect and cause a delay in healing.

Both the injured tissue and deep tissue are highly irritable and sensitive in a wound, which is due to the loss of skin (natural defensive barrier) and the presence of inflammatory cytokines. As a result, the use of raw material that has the highest quality, the lowest allergenicity and is capable of preventing any damage to deep tissue is fundamental. This product is based on biocompatible polymers that are highly adapted to the human body. It has a structure which is similar to the extracellular matrix and the natural environment of the cells, thus creating a natural stress-free condition ideal for cells to heal the wound.


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